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How to make dark brown eyes look lighter?

I have dark brown eyes. Is there anyway to make my eyes lighter? Any idea?
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  • beautiful kenzie


    Easy. This is how you could get lighter eyes. If you want a light brown, and don't want to go crazy with purple eyeshadows like some people Re suggesting, this is what you do. First, you put black eyeliner on your top waterline, and bottom. Black around your eyes really stands out brown eyes, causing an allusion to make them seem lighter. Also, you could wear a bashe/tan eyeshadow because it also pops out your brown eyes and makes them camafluage into a lightish tanish color. A few good tips that REALLY help, is to drink a lot of water, and eat carrots. Another one, is to be around green things. It may seem strange but I've noticed my friend with dark brown eyes' favorite color was green, and she always starred at it and admired it and had green objects all in her room, and the bright color your eyes get used to seeing forms camafluage pigments in your eyes, causing your eyes to be a really light brown. Her eyes almost look hazel, not only because of that, but because she changed her lighting in her house to flouresant, and drinks water and eats carrots. It really works. If you want hazel/green eyes, on your top waterline on your eye, get a green eyeliner pencil and apply it there. From away, people just see the green and your eyes look green, it also works better if you put it on your bottom waterline, because from far away and up close they look hazel when your brown eyes are in the middle and its surrounded by a light green liner. I promise this works. Your welcome :)
  • Caroline


    Well, it seems that you are rather unhappy with the color of your eyes. However, there are no natural ways to achieve your goal. You can only turn to cosmetic things for help. Yes, colored contact lenses, which are able to beautify your eyes and make them appear attractive,and you can have any color you wish to have. However, there are some side effects, just take care of your eyes.
  • Robert Lipman


    Actually,my eyes are dark brown eyes, and I think that is cool with dark brown eyes. But if you want change your eyes color, you can try colored contacts, which can makes your eyes more lighter and brighter, but there are some side effects you should be care about, such as pink eye and infection. Or you can change your eyes color by makeup, try using a white eyeliner on your waterline and then put a black eyeliner below it, which will also makes your eyes looks lighter.
  • gwynnie


    There are many ways to make your eyes lighter. You can use a white eyeliner instead of using black eyeliner. You can use eye bright stick , putting it in your inner corner and on your lower lid. Also, you can wear colored contact lenses. all of the ways make you natural. Just try it!