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Kyle kirk


What type of computer monitor is best for your eyes?

I plan to buy a new computer monitor. Can you guys recommend me some kinds that can be best for my eyes? I would appreciate a lot if you can help me.
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  • crazycowgirl89


    If you spend too much time in front of a computer screen, you are likely to suffer from eye strain. The glare produced by the screen is one of the main causes of eye strain. Rounded computer screen reflects more light, causing glare on the surface of the screen. But flat computer screen will not cause this problem. So you should choose flat computer screen to protect your eyes. But what is more important is the way of placing the screen and the setup of the monitor. The computer screen should be at least 25 inches away from you. Keeping the screen slightly below your eye level will help to reduce eye strain and headache. The monitor should not be at low refresh rates, for this can cause fatigue and eye discomfort. You should set the display at 75 Hz or better to make your eyes comfortable. Applying pale green as the background color will also benefit your eyes.