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Why do i get dizzy when i close my eyes while standing?

When standing on some top places and close my eyes, I feel very dizzy. Why? What caused it?
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  • Jonathan tuener


    Do you have acrophobia? When you see from the top places, the scenes become small by a wide margin and unreachable, then your vision information reduces greatly and loses balance, hence you feel dizzy. Or it may occur due to the insufficient blood supply, lack of nutrition, great pressure or lack of sleep.
  • walkingalone123


    As a matter of fact, there are a number of reasons for dizzy feelings. So, you gonna figure out what precisely led to your dizziness. Sometimes a lack of sleep, overwork, anemia, and some other diseases would give rise to such feelings. So, it does not necessarily have something to do with your eyes. Therefore, I advise that you consult a doctor and find out the reason, then take some effective measures to fix it.
  • estranged_soul


    There are lots of reason may cause dizzy situation, anaemia, hypotension, solely hunger may lead to dizzy. The reason is totally depends on your lifestyle, if you are lack of nutritious, then just eat more fruit, vegetables, meet, eggs, etc. Try to avoid junk food and coffee which will interfere with your digestion. By the way, you need to take some vitamin as supplements. Another suggestion for you is that eat 3 dates with 5 peanuts every morning, which is one of my ways. But if you are not recovery in 1 week, just ask your doctor for help.