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Does smoking weed really help glaucoma?

I heard that smoking is good for glaucoma. Is that true? How does smoking help glaucoma?
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  • walkietalkie131


    Well, of course not. Smoking can not help glaucoma and on contrary, it can just make it worse. As we know that glaucoma is related to a group of diseases and it can cause damage to the optic nerve as a result of increased pressure within the eye. And you should know that it can be caused by a severe eye infection, injury, blocked blood vessels or inflammatory conditions of the eye. And for smoking, it can damage your eyes, and also lead some disorder in your eyes. For long term effects, it can lead to lazy eyes, and hearing loss. And also, it can degrade the night vision. So it can be kind of dangerous. Maybe you can try to use some lutein, which can improve visual function and do a help to glaucoma.
  • handsomemansclu


    Glaucoma is a disease that optical nerve ceases to function. Optical nerve helps us to transmit the images signal to our brains so that we could see. If optical nerve stops working, we will lose our vision gradually. It is difficult to find out whether you will develop glaucoma at the beginning stage because high eye pressure can't be noticed. There is no other outward symptom. You don't have pain or any other uncomfortable feelings. Smoking is a bad habit, which could increase eye pressure and increase the risk for glaucoma. There is such method that smoking marijuana could help lower the eye pressure. Yet, common treatments for glaucoma are surgery or take eye drops. Surgery effect could last for years. Taking eye drops effect could last for at least one day. However, the effect of smoking marijuana could last only 3-4 hours each time. Not mention it is illegal to smoking marijuana. I suggest you to seek help from ophthalmologist. Hope you could get better soon.
  • Kaylee peters


    No, it is not true. Smoking a lot will intensify the glaucoma. You should not smoke if you have the glaucoma because of the inner stimulating irritates. You should not smoke or drink which will make your glaucoma get serious. You should eat more food with vitamin C and A to moisture your eyes.