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Can i wear contacts with episcleritis?

I suffer episcleritis. Is it OK if i wear contact lenses now? Or it is very bad for my eyes?
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  • Dylan duncan


    It is better not wear contact lenses when you are suffering from episcleritis. It is the inflammatin of episclera. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of episcleritis, simple episcleritis and nodular episcleritis. Simple episcleritis is the most common type of episcleritis. It is mild and comes quickly goes fast. It will last for about seven day, and can clear up completelly after two to three weeks. The nodular episcleritis is much more painful than the common one and always last longer. With episcleritis, you might have dull ache in eyes, watering eyes, red and bloodshots in the white of eyes and sensitive to light. Episcleritis might develop iritis complication. With such uncomfortable feelings of eyes, I don't think you could wear the contact lenses, which probably make your eyes more painful and a strong foreign body sensation. After your episcleritis clears up, if you need to wear contact lenses, I suggest you not to wear them too long a time per day. According to some resources, it is better not to wear them longer than 6-10hours per day dependinh on the type of contact lenses you wear. Wash contacts with special care solution each time before and after you use them. It is a must to rub them in solution carefully and softly with your fingure tip although near all of the solutions claim that they could deprotein without rubbing. Hope this is helpful to you.
  • garcia


    It is not OK for you to wear the contact lenses because of your episderitis. It will be bad for your eyes because the contact lenses will make your eyes dry and cause the damage to your cornea which will at the same time make the episderitis get serious. You'd better go to treat the episderitis first and then wear your contact lenses.
  • Isabel fergus


    Well, I can see that you like to wear contact lenses on a regular basis. But here I would like to remind you that episcleritis is one of the infections that we might suffer, and it could be worsened if we risk wearing contacts before we are fully recovered. Sometimes that would lead to more problems and infections. Please try to protect your eyes as much as you can.

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