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What are the symptoms of keratitis?

Can you tell me what are the symptoms of keratitis? How can i judge by myself that if i get keratitis?
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  • eclipseracer01


    Well, as we know that Keratitis is the medical term for inflammation of the cornea. Also, you should know that Keratitis is the eye condition in which the cornea becomes inflamed. And in most cases, it has many potential causes. Generally speaking, various types of infections, dry eyes, injury, and a large variety of underlying medical diseases may all lead to keratitis. And when you are suffering from red eyes, blurred vision, or light sensitivity, it will be possible for you to have Keratitis. So you need pay more attention to it.
  • Danielle lewis


    Keratitis refers various kinds of inflammation and allergies of cornea. In most cases, keratitis is caused by virus, bacterial, allergy, trauma to eyes and so on. Dry eyes could be one of these causes too. Keratitis makes eyes red, watering, painful, sensitive to light and much discharge. Because keratitis could lead to blindness without proper and timely treatment so I strongly suggest you go to hospital and take a detailed examination to find out what eye problem you have and get professional help from doctor. Eyes are soft and subtle. Many inflammation and trauma of eyes could make you lose your vision permanently. Be careful with them otherwise you will feel regret. Hope you get better soon.
  • Judy


    When there is something wrong with your cornea, you may get the keratitis. If you get the keratitis, your eyes will not feel comfortable. You will feel a little pain at the eyes. If your eyes get red, you must have got the keratitis. You'd better use the eye drops to release the symptom. Or you could take the medical treatment.