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Can I wear contacts during a c-section?

Is it Ok if i wear contact lenses during a c-section? Or should i take it off my eyes first?
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  • Sherri H


    Of course, you need take off your contact lenses first, or it can be dangerous for your eyes. As we know that when you have the c-section, it will make you feel very painful. And your nerve will work, and you will feel very nervous. So at that moment, it is possible for your eyes become bloodshot and have high eye pressure. According to some doctors, it may cause the contact be broken in your eyes. And it is dangerous to have it. so just take your contact lenses off.
  • neva taylor


    Well, so sorry to hear that you are going give birth to your baby through C-section, as a matter of fact, my mother gave birth to me in that way, which is very torturous. So, since the surgery is very difficult, and would last for several hours, thus I recommend that you take them off beforehand. Anyway, you should follow the tips from the doctor and be ready to go.
  • cocreative


    No, it is not OK for you to wear the contact lenses when you are during the c-section because you will get the anesthesia and lose the amount of blood. If you wear the contact lenses, your eyes may lack of water quickly and cause the eyes infection easily. It is very dangerous for you to wear the contact lenses during c-section. Thus, you'd better take it off firstly.

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