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Do contact lenses make I look better ?

Today, many people with perfect vision wear contact lenses for looks. Is it true that contact lenses can make people look better?
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  • crusanov


    Well, in a sense, by wearing contact lenses ,we appear to be more attractive and beautiful, because contact lenses would beautify our eyes with whatever color that we prefer and make our eyes appear bigger. So, here I would say, it depends on your personal decision, however, I must remind you that contact lenses would give rise to some slight side effects, despite they are amazing.
  • christensengirl


    Yes, it is true that the contact lenses will make you look better by making your eyes look big and shining. There are now many colored contact lenses which you could make your eyes change the color which will be so fashionable. However, you should take notice of the hygiene which will make you prevent from the eyes diseases.