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Can i drive after a corneal transplant?

Is it safe to drive after a cornea transplant? Can you give me some suggestions?
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  • fergus


    You'd better do not drive until your eye completely heal. And there are the points you should care after cornea transplant: 1. Do not rub or touch your eye even you feel itching; 2. Avoid something into your eye, such as water, shampoo. 3. Do not have strenuous exercises for the first two months. You may get your vision for a period of time after the surgery, but it doesn't means you’re completely recover, take the doctor suggestion for drive until it's the right time.
  • walkinginlight


    No, it is not safe for you to drive after the cornea transplant because you need the rest for the eyes at that time. Driving will cost you a lot of energy which will let your eyes focus on the front direction. Your eyes may feel uncomfortable which may affect your vision. You'd better not drive after the cornea transplant.