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What is the difference between lazy eye and wandering eye?

I heard that people talk about lazy eyes and wandering eyes. Can you tell me what is the differences between lazy eyes and wandering eyes?
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  • Alexander green


    Well, i have to tell you they are the same thing. Our brain and eyes work in unison to control where our eyes focus. Sometimes the eye does not receive the signals the brain relays, causing the eye to "wander." Wandering eye is also known as lazy eye (amblyopia) and strabismus. Lazy eye occurs when the brain favors one eye over the other. The weak eye may wander left or right as it is not receiving the signals from the brain. Strabismus is when the eyes turn away when looking at an object. Both conditions cause the eye to wander from the object on which they should be focused. Although some cases of lazy eye and strabismus require surgery to correct, there are other methods that can help. To know more trough the following website.
  • Jason warren


    There exists the big difference between lazy eyes and wandering eyes. The lazy eyes are usually born to be. The lazy eyes have no obvious organic disease or organic changes and ametropia. In addition, its pathological changes are not adapt to the vision loss and continuous correction or corrected visual acuity less than 0.9. The lazy eyes can occur in one eye or two eyes. It is the most important symptom for strabismus amblyopic. The lazy eyes and strabismus are concerned. However, the wandering eyes are not born to be. They are caused from the twitching eyes which can be caused by the not good use of eyes and the infection of the eyes. Even through the surgery, the lazy eyes may not be cured. And the wondering eyes can be just cured through the medical treatment.
  • Aaron may


    When people get together,they always talk about others' face,finger,ear,nose and so forth especially in women.A lazy eye, technically referred to as amblyopia, means that one eye has not developed normally and always has blurred vision, even with the best glasses or contacts the eye doctor can prescribe. A wandering eye is one that drifts off to one side or another, often due to a weak eye muscle. In a sense, lazy eyes and wandering eyes are opposite.The differences between them are plentiful. The most important difference between them is that lazy eyes don't move when the object of focus changes - they get fixated on a point and remains near.While,wandering eyes do move -- they move away from the object of focus.They actually are two different things but in some cases, a wandering eye can result in a lazy eye.