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Can you heal your eyes with Chinese medicine ?

I heard that Chinese medicine can heal many kinds of eye problems. Really?
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  • evet


    I think Chinese medicine can heal some kinds of eye problems. We know that if we have some problems on our liver, the whites of our eyes may become yellow. If we treat with our liver problems with some kinds of herbal medicine, we can relieve our eye problems.
  • Caroline hill


    I found this video on You Tube. It tells us that Chinese medicines can heal some kinds of eye problems. You can have a look. But if you want to get some Chinese medicine, I suggest you to go to the hospital and consult more details.
  • Rebecca


    For the past ten years, Andy Rosenfarb has successfully used acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat a wide range of eye conditions. His treatments include moxibustion techniques, tuina (massage), microcurrent stimulation, Chinese herbs, and qigong exercises, along with %u201Cessential acupuncture%u201D where essential oils are placed on acupuncture points.
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