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Michelle percy


Why do people put steaks on black eyes?

I saw people put raw steaks on their black eyes. I don't know why they put steaks on their eyes. Can you tell me the reason?
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  • Cary


    People want to use raw steaks to help cure their black eyes. I don't know whether this works or not. But I think it is dangerous to put raw steaks on their eyes because the bacteria on the raw steaks may cause an eye infection. The bruise on their eyes will go away on its own and don't need any special treatment. If they got serious black eyes, they may need to see an eye doctor other than put raw steaks on their eyes.
  • cthier


    Well, it is said that raw steaks can help cure black eyes. Though I don't know whether they can do that for the people who have black eyes, I still think it might be a way to help relieve black eyes. So why no have a try as long as do not put the blood in to their eyes.

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