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How to fix broken glasses when snapped in half?

I snapped my glasses in half. Can you tell me how to fix them? Is there any place that I can go for help?
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  • David cook


    Well, you'd better buy another pair of glasses for instead. Nowadays the glasses sold online are very cheap. It will not cost you too much to get a pair of new glasses with good quality. And some glasses sold in physical eyeglasses shops are also very cheap. You can have a look.
  • Dazza


    You can take them to where you bought them. If the optician is kind enough, he or she may tell you how to fix your glasses or fix the glasses for you. But some opticians will ask you to buy a pair of new glasses because they can make money. But if your glasses are badly damaged, they may also suggest you to buy a pair of new glasses for your good. Good luck!
  • Shelby harris


    If they are plastic frame, you can buy some kind of glue to fix them. But it will be very ugly. If you use adhesive tape to fix them, it will not last very long. Maybe a few days later, they will break again. Once I tried that to burn one arm and after the arm was melting, I put the broken parts together quickly. But one of the arms will be shorter than the other one, so I can't wear them anymore.
  • Victor Lee


    If you just broke the frame, you can go to a nearby optical store to buy a new frame and assemble your lenses and new frame together. If your lenses are also broken, you should buy another pair.
  • Veelt


    Supur glue does not work. Don%u2019t super glue them it will make it worse, Contact your glasses provider right away. In my opinion, you %u2018d better pay for a new pair of glasses.