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Why do you see floaters and flashes? What can you do about them?

I can see some floaters in my vision. Sometimes they really bother me. Why can I see floaters in my vision? And sometimes I can see flashes even in a totally dark house. There is no light. What's wrong with my eyes? What can I do about them?
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  • Elijah leslie


    Flashes are strands or sparks of light that flicker in our vision. Flashes are harmless. But we won't see eye flashes often except that when our eyes was damaged. I think eye flashes can be a starting sign of some kinds of eye problems or disease if it happens suddenly and frequently. You'd better have your eyes checked by an eye doctor to prevent the more serious disease from happening.
  • DEREK Garrana


    This video talks about eye floaters and flashes. And there are some videos talk about eye floaters and flashes on You Tube. You can have a look and know more about them. I always think that if they are not very serious, they won’t lead to blindness. So we don't need to worry about that.
  • chocolate_cute


    A few eye floaters are a common phenomenon that most of us will suffer. And the eye floaters seem to be very clear when we look at something or someplace that is blank or white. Or when we look at a blue sky, we may find that the eye floaters are more noticeable. Don't worry. They will come and go on its own. You can eat more green leafy vegetables. And plus provide your eyes with enough other kinds of nutrients. This is good for your eyes and can prevent floaters from happening. Oh, you also need to drink plenty of water, because this can help flush your eyes and lubricate your eyes.
  • Kevin lee


    Many people can see a few eye floaters in their vision. Don't worry. It is not a big problem. Many people just learn to ignore them because they won't do any harm to their normal life. I suggest you to apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes. Sometimes the debris of the cells on the surface of our eyes will lead to a few eye floaters. But the debris can be washed away by tears. If your eyes are too dry, you may need to turn to artificial tears to flush your eyes.

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