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Miranda hall


Can you tell me the difference between sunglasses for running and fishing?

I often go fishing and running in the outside. The glare from the water will affect my vision when I am fishing. I want to buy a pair of sunglasses. If there isn't any difference between sunglasses for running and fishing, then I will just buy a pair. Can you give me any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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  • Kaylee tuener


    I think the sunglasses of green or brown lenses are very good for you, because they have glare reduction properties and contrast enhancement. You just said that the glare often affects your vision when you are fishing. Green or brown lenses can reduce the glare and provide you clear vision. Hope this helped!
  • etje


    I think no matter which kind of lens color you will choose, first and the most important thing is that the lenses should be the polarized lenses and also should be coated, because polarized lenses can make our eyes feel more comfortable and give us clear vision, and the coating can help block the UV rays from the sun and protect our eyes from developing many kinds of eye disease.
  • Jen.C


    I often wear a pair of black sunglasses when I am fishing or running in the outside. I think just a pair of sunglasses can solve all the problems for you. When you are in the outside, the harsh sunlight may make you dizzy. Black sunglasses can block most of the sunlight and give you a comfortable situation. But I have to admit that black sunglasses may interfere with contrast.
  • Alexa


    The green sunglasses can provide you clear vision and reduce the glare from the water when you are fishing. And you can choose the side shields or wrap around style sunglasses for they can cut off side glare and internal reflection when you are fishing. Or you can just wear a wide brim hat for instead. Hope this helped!
  • baker


    Don't buy the black sunglasses. Too dark lenses may uncomfortably add to eye strain. And it is also not very good for fishing for they have less contrast. If your eyes are too sensitive to sunlight, you can choose a pair of gray sunglasses, they work better than black sunglasses when you are fishing. But if there is nothing wrong with your eyes, you can choose brown sunglasses. brown lenses will provide you clear vision and reduce glare as well as make you feel more comfortable. Good luck!

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