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Can cataracts cause color blindness ?

I just want to know if cataracts cause color blindness? How can cataracts affect on our vision and eyes?
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  • Robert murphy


    Yes, it has been confirmed by modern science that cataract can cause color blindness, because cataracts make your lens less bright. Clouding appear in the patients of cataracts which block light waves and blurred your vision. You may lose clarity of vision because of cataracts. How much will cataracts affect your eyes? A cataract fractures lights that enters your eyes. When it is not treated or remedied in time and the situation worsens, the patient will eventually be defined as legally blind. The patient won’t be able to discern outlines and shadows. They can’t identify different hues and distinguish colors clearly.
  • Eliza


    Yes, the cataracts will cause your color blindness if you do not treat it well. In addition, it will affect your vision and eyes. As we know, people with cataracts will have the dirty parts on the pupil surface. This will actually cause the eyes vision. If you do not treat it well and keep on with the bad habits of life, your cataracts will cause the damage of the eyes nerves and pupils which may cause the color blindness. You should protect the eyes carefully and treat it well with the medical way.
  • Connor scott


    Cataracts is known as a big eye disease. Many eye problems accompany risk of getting cataracts, such as blurred vision, black eyes, glaucoma and double vision. However, we never escape aging, which is the most and vital factor that leads to cataracts. Cataracts has a chance to contribute to blindness, sometimes color blindness may also occur. Color blindness often caused by inheriting and being lack of colors in eyes. People who get color blindness are commonly rarely to recognize green, red and blue. To sum up, blindness can be caused by cataracts. But this rate is not high.
  • leigh allen


    Having cataracts myself and 2 different colored eyes and recently had a cataract removed in one eye, but the other eye has gone more blurred and colours seem different. ethosheaven eye drops seem to have stopped total colour blindness while preventing a secondny cataract in the eye which has just been operated on. wishing everyone the best .

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