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How to keep your eyes from drooping?

It seems that i get drooping eyes. What shall i do to prevent it from more worse?
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  • Tyler george


    Well, for your situation, I have to say droopy eyes have just been with you. And of course, droopy eyelids can make you look tired and unattractive. At this moment, you should try some home remedies to relieve it. For example, you can have some teabags, which have a great effect on eyelids. According to some users, it can be effective. You can just put the teabags in the refrigerator until these become cool, and then just put them on your eyes. Also, keep vitamin intake. And that can be very good. By the way, stop rubbing your eyes, for that will just make your situation more serious. Anyway, just be careful about it. And do not have too much stress.
  • erraticgothles


    Ok, it seems that you are very worried about that possibility. Anyway ,it is true that with aging, our skin and our eyes tend to be looking older and less tight, and naturally, our eyelids would be droopy. Then, it would be necessary for us to protect our skin by getting a series of healthy foods and exercise, in addition, it makes sense for us to apply some nutritional cosmetics to your eyes. Hope you find this useful.
  • Former Employee


    In order to prevent your drooping eyes get worse, you need to exercise a lot which will keep your eyes skin get intense all the time. At the same time, you could use the oil essentials to adopt around your eyes which will keep the eyes skin get moisture. You could also not stay up too late which will let it get serious. You should have the good rest and keep the good diet.
  • chris_nubelle


    Home care for droopy eyelids: 1. You can have an eye exercise every day to improve the elasticity of your eye muscles. 2.A diet with food rich in collagen will increase the elasticity of your eyelids and strengthen the levator muscles. 3. Apply a q-tip of egg white to the crease of your eyes and keep your eyes closed until they get dry. 4. Have enough sleep and drink much water every day. All those methods won't work overnight. Therefore, if you want a quick change of your droopy eyelids, you can turn to eyelift surgery and blepharoplasty.