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Is eating liver good for my eyes ?

I just want to know if eating animal liver good for eyes? Why?
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  • Caleb


    Yes, they are. That's because animal livers are abundant in vitamin A and vitamin B. Livers are the storage of vitamins, especially vitamin A. Vitamin A is also called retinol , because it makes the pigments in the retina. It helps to maitain good vision, especially in low light. If there is a lack of vitamin A, a person may be night blind, have dry eyes, or even have keratomalacia when serious.
  • Luke oliver


    Of course it will.Animal liver can improve the condition of your blood provision, so that can promote metabolism.A good metabolism can help you away from eye disease.Besides,it is rich in protein and zinc which are used for building new cells and tissue.According to all above,it can maintain the health of your eyes. However you have to limit the amount you take in because the liver is an organ for the living to clean its wastes,it may cause a accumulation of toxin if you eat too much.Also the way you cook it is important for it can affect the value of nutrition and your intake.For my advice,you would better cook it by boiling and eat it with cumin.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Yes, eating animal liver will be good for the eyes. Everyone knows that eating animals liver is good for your eyes because the liver is the body's vitamin store place. The liver is rich in vitamin A and vitamin A is responsible for vision under dark and light and shade transformation vision of important nutrients. If you lack vitamin A, the body from bright to dark adaptation ability will drop. You will feel that you can't see anything at night light. In addition, your shade transformation is difficult to adapt. Vitamin A can maintain the integrity of human cells, involved in the synthesis which can be depending on the night of enhanced capacity of material if vitamin. If the child has the A deficiency, his vision is affected. They may have dry eyes. Moreover, vitamin A is essential for mucous membrane and update of differentiation nutrition. If you lack the vitamin A, you may have the dry eyes, serious ulcers and even white spot corneal softening. Long time watching computer and video game will cause vitamin A consumption which could be made up by eating the animal liver. You could have a try.

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