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Is double vision permanent?

I suffered from double vision now and then. It is troublesome. How can i get rid of it? Is the double vision permanent? Any suggestion?
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  • Fat


    No, the double vision is not permanent. It can be caused by the bad habits of using of eyes. Your stay up late at night several continuous times will cause the double vision. You should keep the good diet and good habits of using your eyes are very important. You need to use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. If the eye drops are with anti-inflammation role, it could get rid of your inner bacterium in the eyes. Your double vision could be released. The warm compress could also be the way for you to release the symptom of double vision.
  • creationfest


    Double vision is a curable disease. First of all, try to find what are the causes of your double vision you are suffering from.Go to see a doctor, tell him your symptoms and figure out the causes with him/her. Only when you know the symptoms and the causes can you find the solution. There are several possible causes of double vision including astigmatism, cataract, dry eyes syndrome, and eye muscle damage. Here are the treatments. a.Astigmatism- you need a pair of corrective lenses, glasses or contact lenses. b.Cataracts -you need a surgery to have the cataracts removed. c.Dry eyes syndrome-you can drip some eye drops. d. Eye muscles damage- you should have surgery or injection on the ill eye. B.An alternative compensation-Wear an eye patch on the ill eye
  • Isabel fergus


    For children get double vision, sometimes you can ignore it because their brain is able to deal with the problem. While, for adults, wear corrective lenses can help you correct monocular double vision. And laser surgery can cure it completely. Surgery on your eye muscles can correct the problem of squinting caused by double vision.

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