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Is it better to watch tv with the light on or off

I just want to know how to protect the eyes when watch TV. My mom said that turning off while watching TV is good to eyes. But i also heard my friend said that turn on light while watching TV is good better for eyes. So, i just want to someone who can tell me shall i turn on or off the light when watching TV?
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  • clarinetbandguy


    When you are watching TV, you should turn on a dim lamp. 1. If you watch TV with lights off, then the contrast of TV and the background is very obvious and you can focus better. But it does harm to your eyes if you keep watching for a long time. It makes most people's eyes strain to see, as the pupils have to adjust constantly to the different levels of light. 2. If you watch TV with too much light in the background, the TV becomes darker than the background. Then the images in TV turns paler and less clear cut. On the long run, it is also bad for our eyes. Therefore, you should watch TV with light that is dimer than TV as background to protect your eyes.
  • Thomas oliver


    As I know, turning on the light during watching TV can help protect eyes. You pupils cannot adjust the suddenly brightness light from TV when the circumstance is dark, and it can cause some uncomfortable feelings, headache, and even cause near sight. While, turning on the light during watching TV could be much better.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    You'd better watch tv with the light on. If the light is on and the environment is bright, the tv screen will not seem so bright which will cause the radiation to you at the less degree. If you turn off the light, the tv screen will be so shining which will cause the eyes stimulation more. You'd better not watch tv for a long time which will be bad for your eyes and cause your short sighted symptom.