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Can ear infection cause eye twitching?

I got ear infection. But my eyes twitch. Is that caused by ear infection?
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  • covenmasters


    Well, yes, ear infection can lead to eye itchy, for ear infection can cause eye infection. It is the normal situation which can occur. When you have eye infection, it can have some symtopms, such as the itchy eyes. you should know that bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by the same bacteria that cause ear infections. In other words, it is possible to have eye infection when someone has an ear infection. Also, an ear infection can spread to the eyes and cause conjunctivitis, and eye infection. When you have eye infection, your eyes can be itchy. And then it will become the situation what you have said. Just like what you have said. Generally speaking, you are not supposed to touch your eyes, when you have ear infection, especially with the fingers which have touched the ears. Also, maybe some eye drops can be effective to the symptom. But you should heal the ear infection first.
  • b3mine_x3


    Generally speaking, ear infection cannot cause eye infection. Eye twitching is a series of rapid, uncontrolled contractions or spasms of one or both eyelids.The twitches often occur in irregular rhythms. There are several reasons that cause eye twitching. That is, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and excessive caffeine intake.
  • Kelly gary


    Yes, the eye twitches may be caused the wear infection. As we know, the ear, eye, nose and throat nerves are interlinked. Any one of them gets the problem, it may transfer to the next one. So you'd better treat your wear infection first and keep on using the eye drops to eliminate the bacterium in the eyes to stop the eye twitches.