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Marissa george


Can wearing contacts cause blindness?

I heard that wearing contact lenses will cause damages of eye cornea. So, Can wearing contact lenses too much cause blindness?
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  • lova


    This depends on your personal situation, it doesn't apply to all types of people. Sometimes, wearing contacts do harm to our eyes, to our eye cornea. However, you can see millions of people wearing contacts every day. But you should bear in mind that wearing contacts, if not every day, will not cause blindness. Most importantly. you should observe if contacts are suitable for you. If you find yourself comfortable with contact lenses, then probably you are good to go.
  • Minaxi Patel


    Contacts lenses has become a lot of nearsighted patients choice, they give people a lot of convenient. But there are also some people wear contact lens caused some complications. These complications causes by some reasons. 1, the person who wears contact lenses do not pay attention to the correct care and maintenance, and the protein, lipid deposit on the lens surface, breeding out bacteria. (solution: the wearing time should not longer than 10 hours each day; after take off the lens you should put them in your hand and gently rub them with nursing liquid; soak them with protein tablets to remove the protein each weak; Nursing liquid and lens box should be kept in cold and dry place, replace them with news each 3 months ) 2, the person who wears contact lenses did dot do a strict inspection before they buy them. The correct inspection projects must including:computer optometry, inspection shadow optometry, corneal curvature, intraocular pressure, tear secretion quantity detection, inspection of eye diseases, etc. 3, the person who wears contact lenses did not notice the taboo. Catch a cold or fever, pregnant , should stop wearing. When you are swimming, bathing, washing your face and after makeup, should not wear the contact lenses. As long as take care of the three rules, the contact lenses safety coefficient will be greatly improved, and will not lead to blindness or other major ,serious eye diseases.
  • hand_in_glove_


    Contact lenses are also called the corneal contact lens. Wearing on the eye cornea, they are used to correct the visual acuity. However, if you wear the contact lenses too much time every day, the eyes will not breath the oxygen which will damage the cornea. If this is done continuously, the eyes will become blind. You'd better control the time of wearing contact lenses.