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Justin williams


Can i wear contact lenses after iridotomy?

I took a iridotomy several days ago. Can i wear contact lenses now?
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  • charger101


    Yeah, you can wear contact lenses now. But you should not overuse your eyes and have a good rest. Do not watch tv in a dim room, you'd better turn on the light, and do not watch it too long time. Also, after working one or two hours, you need to rest your eyes. As for the diet, you should not take the pungent food.
  • Gabriel peters


    No, you'd better not wear the contact lenses. There are several conditions that need to take the iridotomy surgery. First of all, persons with iris atrophic and small pupil which drug can't loose predators need the iridotomy to help them. Secondly, the iridotomy is suitable for those people with small pupil and closed pupillary membrane. They need the surgery to open their vision sights.Thirdly, people with the offset pupil which affects the vision should take the iridotomy. Fourthly, the iris is adhesive and closed which cannot be separated by the surgery. If the iris is done the separation by force, it is likely to cause ripped corneal which will put it in danger. Last of all, if person has the atresia pupil and lung iris which may lead to the pupil retardancy glaucoma, they should accept the iridotomy. However, after the iridotomy, people should care about the eyes on purpose. The contact lenses will make the eyes feel dry and easily get the infection. Thus, you'd better not wear them after taking the iridotomy.