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What are benefits of surma for eyes?

Is surma good for eyes? What are the benefit of surma that can we get for my eyes?
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  • etilnus


    Yes, surma will be good for the eyes which can make the eyes moisture. At the same time, it will improve the eye vision. However, I know that eating more food with vitamin C is good for the eyes which will make the eyes not feel dry. In addition, not using eyes for a lot of time before the computer which is totally bad for the eyes.
  • griffin


    Surma is made of particular stone. After being processed to fine powder, it can be used as eye cosmetic by applying to the conjunctival surface not the outside of eyelids. Indians like it. Anyway, I never ever use this kind of cosmetic inside my eyes. It is so dangerous without any science test. It is the first time I heard about it. Everyone wanna beauty, but do not sacrifice health.
  • easilyfixed


    Yes, it is beneficial for our eyes. Surma is also called kohl, which is an ultra-free powder form to be used in the eyes whether it is black in color, white, red or gery etc. It gives the following benefits for eyes based on regular application. It protects the eyes from dust and pollution, and keeps them cool and clear. It also helps relief tired eyes, stress of eyes, dry and irritated eyes, especially among the youngsters due to computer vision syndrome caused by continuous emission of short wavelength X-rays by the computer screen.