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Are eyes connected to sinuses?

Will eyes be affected by sinuses? What results can be caused from sinuses ?
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  • Austin shelley


    Actually, eyes are connected with sinuses closely. More accurate, sinuses are connected with the rim of eyes. And sinuses can cause the vision loss. Because Sinusitis, especially in acute phase,will spread easily into the rim of eyes and cause infections. What's more, this can cause the damage of the visual nerve, the infection of visual nerve. So the sinuses patients in the acute phase patients often get blurred vision, ision loss, and also unrest.
  • cristoph


    Yes, the eyes problems can be caused from the sinuses. If you get the serious sinuses, your eyes problems will get serious too. Because the eye nerves and nose nerves are interlinked, they can be affected reciprocally. You'd better not get the problem of either. If your eyes are affected, you'd better go to the hospital to have a treatment.