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Alexandria taylor


Does crying help dry eyes ?

Does crying too much lead to dry eyes? Why or why not?
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  • hand_in__hand


    Yeah, you know every coin has two sides. If you cry sometimes, your eyes will benefit from the crying, because the process releases excess proteins and something else, which is helpful for you and your eyes. Pls note, I said like that do not mean ou can cry too much. You know crying too much will make your eyes dry and sore. As a friend, I think you had better not to experience the process, because it is really awful. As we all know that there are some salts in our eyes, if you cry too much, the salts will make our eyes feel sore, then you are easily to get the drys. Of course, if you are not a lucky dog, just relax yourself, and the eye drops will help you with the sore and dry eyes caused by the excessive crying. Good Luck.
  • campbell


    Yes, crying too much will lead to dry eyes. Your dry eyes will become serious because the excretion system works in disorder. You could eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. You should drink more water. In addition, you could use some eye drops to make the eyes keep moisture. They will also get the bacterium in the eyes out.