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Isabelle duncan


Does vitamin c help pink eye ?

I get pink eyes. Can i take vitamin C? Does it help pink eyes?
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  • Nathan harris


    Well, yes, vitamin c can be helpful for pink eyes. Generally speaking, pink eye, is an eye infection which will cause the white of the eye to turn red. When you suffer pink eyes because of infection, itching, watering eyes, swollen lids and a thick discharge will occur in some degree. So you need to try some ways to treat it. For example, you can just intake more vitamin c. first you should know that in addition to the benefits to the immune system, vitamin C may also help prevent additional inflammation in the eye. And according to some experts, inflammation of the white of the eye is the reason which can cause the severe redness and then lead to pink eye. So you can take between 250 to 500 mg of vitamin C twice daily, and then it will do a good job to your eyes.
  • Mike


    Yes, taking the vitamin C will help your pink eyes which may be caused by the coming bacterium in the eyes. As we know, the vitamin C will keep your eyes moisture. In addition, the vitamin C is the necessary part for your health of the body. After taking the vitamin C, your eyes will improve the immune system. If you have the pink eyes, you should eat more food with vitamin C.
  • Holly


    Pink eyes is one of the most commonly seen problems we might have because most of us don't take our eye health seriously and have bad use of eyes. From what I know, vitamin C is useful, and so do other vitamins. But, they are not medications, and you just need some treatment in the hospital so as to get thoroughly cured.

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