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How to spot fake vuarnet sunglasses?

Any idea that help me spot fake vuarnet sunglasses? I want to buy a real one. Any ideas?
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  • clam_i_am


    Well, you should know that they are of good quality and they are also very elegant and stylish. So they are well known by some people. Generally speaking, there are many tips you can take to spot the fake ones. But in my opinion, the most common and best way is to check the label. First, you should know that they are made in Italy. So you can check the label which should be written with the words "made in Italy". Also, you can check the warranty. Besides, you should know that VUARNETS are specifically made to protect eyes from damaging effects of the sun. So it is beneficial to wear the sunglasses. Also, VUARNET lenses are made with the highest quality optical glass and the frames are made with robust nylon in understated fashion styles. Anyway, you will look cool and beautiful comparing with other sunglasses.
  • CB Norwood


    If a pair of Vuarnet sunglasses say "Made In Italy" - they are definitely fake. "Made In France" is legit. Also, the lenses will each have a small "V" inscribed in the top center.
  • walkerstalker2


    If the vuarnet sunglasses are fake, the brand mark point will be recognized wrong. You could have checked this firstly. Then you may check the detailed manual workmanship which can also easily be checked. If it is fake, the two sides may not be symmetric which you could put on the table to observe. If you buy one from the franchise stores, it will be true at the most possibility.