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What Causes Itchy Eyes and Sneezing?

I played computer games for a long time yesterday. Now I have red and itchy eyes. And I often sneeze a lot. What's wrong with my eyes? What caused by itchy eyes and sneezing?
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  • Gregory A Meetze


    Dear friend, your itchy eyes may caused by long time of using computers. When you are staring at the computer screen for a long time, you may suffer from dry eyes for less blinking and computer reflection or glare from the screen will strain your eyes. You'd better not to stay up too late to play computer games for this will do harm to your health. And if you often use computer for a long time, I suggest you to buy a pair of computer glasses for it will make our eyes feel more comfortable and block the reflections and glares from computer screens and protect our eyesight.
  • griffin


    Your itchy eyes and sneezing may be caused by a cold. When you were playing computer games in the night, you focused your attention on the games and forget to put on more clothes when you feel cold, so you got a cold finally. You need to buy some medicines to treat with your cold then you will not sneeze anymore. Dryness or an eye infection may cause your itchy eyes. You can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyeballs. I often heard that there are lots of bacteria on the computer, so when you are using a computer, don't rub your eyes with your hands. Hope you will be fine soon.