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Aaron lewis


Can Eye Problems Cause Headaches ?

Help!!! I am suffering from the cataracts. I often have headaches recently. What's wrong? Is there any relation between them? Can you give me some suggestions to relieve my headache?
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  • Bernadette Korey


    Some kinds of eye problems may lead to headaches. Cataracts can be one of the eye problems that will result to headache. But this may happen when cataracts become white. If you are suffering from an overripe cataract, you may suffer from headaches at the same time. I strongly suggest you to see your eye doctor and ask some treatment. I heard that lasik eye surgery can help with may vision problems. But you need to ask your doctor whether this surgery can help with your cataracts.
  • Jackson raphael


    Cataract forms dense and cloudy stuffs in the lens of our eyes. Cataracts may cause headaches for Cataracts obstruct our eyes with these stuffs then we must strain our eyes to see. This can be the reason why we may suffer from headaches. But it develops at a slow rate. If you are suffering any discomfort, you should have your eyes checked and ask for medical treatment timely. And it is common in older people. I suggest you to have an appointment with your eye doctors immediately.