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Does Anxiety Disorder Cause Eye Problems?

I have blurred vision recently. But I just have my eyesight checked in the last month. Need I check it again? And I am suffering anxiety disorder recently. Will the blurred vision caused by anxiety? Any ideas?
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  • Sara scott


    Dear friend, anxiety disorder may bring us eye problems. Blurred vision can be a starting sign of eye problems. When we are suffering great pressure, our nerves near our eyes will suffer too. So sometimes, we may feel that our eyesight drops. But I think if we treat with our anxiety, the symptom will disappear on its own slowly. You need to learn to release your pressure.
  • James taylor


    I think if you are suffering anxiety disorder for a long period you may have some kinds of eye problems caused by anxiety. You'd better have an eye exam to check what caused your blurred vision. Sometimes an eye infection may lead to blurred vision too. I'd like to give you some suggestions to relax yourself from great pressure. You can spend 40 minutes to one hour to have yoga each day. You also need to have good sleep during the night. Hope you will be fine soon.
  • Eric quick


    When I was a high school student, I often suffer from great pressure from my study. There is a lot of homework to be done in every day. I could just finish half of them and I didn't have time to review my homework and make a conclusion of my mistakes. How I hated that very time my teacher asked me to hand over homework. I didn't want to copy the answers in the end of the book, so I handed over blank exercise book to my teacher. Of course my teacher would scold me. I suffered from vision problems at that time and bought myself the first pair of glasses. Latter I know that anxiety will lead to vision problems and I should have treat with my anxiety other than buying a pair of glasses at that time.
  • Samuel hill


    Anxiety may bring many vision problems such as blurred vision, noticing flashes or visual snow. You may sensitive to light at the same time. But this doesn't mean there is something wrong with your eyes. It is just a natural anxiety response of your body. The symptoms will go away after you relax yourself.
  • Alexander


    Blurred vision can be caused by the increase of blood pressure or hyperventilation. If you suffer from dizziness and nausea at the same time, you may possibly need to have your blood pressure maintained. Your pupil will dilate and allow more light to enter your eyes. Your eyes are unable to focus at this time. So blurred vision happens. I heard that banana can reduce the anxiety. You can have a try.
  • enigma_g


    Yes, you anxiety cause your vision problems. I often run in the playground when I suffer from great anxiety in daily life. It turns out that it can be a good way to release anxiety and it is good for my health too. I strongly suggest you to have a try. Or sometimes I will talk with my friends or mum what I am suffering from. They can be good listener and good advisors. They will calm down my anxiety by support me spiritually. You can talk with your friend and find some support. I will also suggest you not to drive during this period because blurred vision is similar to drunkenness. You may not get all the visual information when you are driving. It's too dangerous to you and the passengers as well as other passersby.