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DEREK Garrana


Is Preparation H Good for Dark Circles under Eyes?

I have heavy dark circles under my eyes. I heard that preparation H is good for dark circles under eyes. Really? I also have puffy eyes. Can I use it to cure both of them?
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  • Jenya


    Hey, guy! Don't do that! I have applied preparation H to treat my puffy eyes. The result turns out that preparation H is not a pleasant smelling product for our eyes and face and it didn't work. So I strongly suggest you to choose another home remedies. You can apply chilled cucumber slices on your puffy eyes. It can help with your puffy eyes and dark circles. But if you want to achieve long time effect, I think the advice above given by the guy is a good way to reduce dark circles. Hope this helped.
  • Adam peters


    Dear friend, I heard that preparation H contains with phenylephrine can be a vascular constrictor used to reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes for it can shrink dilated blood vessels temporarily. If your dark circles are caused by sleeping disorder, you need to form a healthy sleep habit. Beauty sleeping will provide us with good skins and a healthy body.