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Kyle kirk


Can Graphene Oxide Cause Damage to Eyesight?

Some people said that grapheme oxide can cause damage to our eyesight. Really?
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  • debby truax


    The experiment shows that grapheme oxide will not cause any significant toxicity to the cell growth and proliferation of our eyes. The experts have applied the Intravitreal injection of grapheme oxide into rabbits' eyes and found that it did not cause much change in the eyeball appearance of the rabbits.
  • Fat


    I also heard that grapheme oxide will do damage to our eyesight. But some experts said that it will not do great damage to our eyes for the will not change the cells of our eyes and will not affect the multiplication of the cells too. But I think every kind of medicine will bring us some side effects though their main function is to help reduce our pains or cure the disease. So be careful in using medicines.