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What Is Good for Itchy Watery Eyes?

What's wrong with my eyes? I have itchy and watery eyes. What caused this? Can you tell me some home remedies to cure itchy and watery eyes? Thank you in advance!
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  • Joshua arnold


    Itchy watery eyes can be caused by dry eye syndrome, Conjunctivitis, foreign bodies, clogged tear ducts, and so on. You can apply some artificial tears to wash your eyes and lubricate the eyeballs at the same time. This may help with your itchy eyes for sometimes itchy eyes can be caused by dryness. You need to check your eyes to see whether there are some foreign objects in your eyes that caused your itchy and watery eyes. But before doing this, you'd better wash your hands with soaps. And then get the foreign objects out.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    Dear friend, don't worry. Some environmental irritants may cause itchy watery eyes. Check your eyes to see that are smog, chemicals, hot wind, blowing dust, bright lights or airborne allergens caused your itchy watery eyes. If it is, you needn't apply special treatment for the symptom will disappear on its own few hours later if you avoid touching these irritants. But if your symptoms persist, you may need to see an eye doctor immediately. Some blepharitis, abrasions or other infections may be the causes of your itchy watery eyes. They may need some medical treatment.

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