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How to know if tom ford sunglasses are authentic

I am going to buy tom ford sunglasses to my boy friend. Can you tell me how to judge if tom ford sunglasses are authentic or fake? I have no experience to buy brands sunglasses. Please help.
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  • entaliden


    The way to judge whether the tom ford sunglasses is real is easy. You can check the brand first. Whether the brand is printed in smooth which will be seen easily. Then check it balance by putting it on the even place. If you buy it online, you can bring it to the franchise store to ask the client whether it is real.
  • Caroline


    To tell if the ford sunglasses are real or fake, it is really hard to tell. The real ones will be times higher price than the fake ones, and the fake one will hurt your eyes, it must be careful to choose. However, there still have some ways for you to get some reference. You can check the workmanship, the model types and specification are all printed on the metal legs of glasses. The writing of the letters is clear and neatly. There must have some documents such as certificate of conformity and instruction to prove the identity of the glasses. The box of glasses should be exquisite workmanship make. The glasses cloth's texture is flexible and soft, it must be superfine fiber, if not, e. g. nylon makes, and that must be the fake. Check the details; this is the way for you to consider the glasses' identity. Moreover, you can buy it from proper channels, you must remember, you will get what you pay for! Be careful, as the sunglasses are a pair of gifts you give to your boyfriend, it is more important with the quality if it is fake or not. The fake gifts seem like a trick or cheat for others. It is the most impolite behavior we see, so please take more care about that!