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What are benefits of witch hazel for eyes?

Will take more witch hazel do some good to my eyes? What are the benefits of witch hazel for eyes?
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  • Gail


    Yeah, taking more witch hazel will is good for your eyes because its inner releasing functions. That is why many make up moisture use it to adopt on the eye surrounding parts to eliminate the black eyes or swollen eyes to make the skin around eyes look smooth. If you have any needs to protect the eyes, you can use it.
  • chronojwl


    Witch hazel contains tannin, kaempferol, Mongolian oak and astragalus smicus etc. chemical composition. The American Indian adopts its leaf and dark to make salve to heal piles, wounds and pains or skin festers. It is the must preparative great medicine of every family. It can be hemostatic and inflammatory. It also would heal eceema and bruise. In the cosmetic use, it can be a wonderful antioxidant which would be a subsidence of a swelling, contract. The skin would be delicate and compact after using it. However, I have not heard its function relative to the eyes disease, it’s so strange. Maybe it would use to keep beauty of the eyes muscle of eyelids and orbits. It would decrease the crow's feet and keep younger with your eyes.
  • Shannon


    It is also called winter bloom or spotted alder. It’s beneficial for people in many different aspects. Firstly, it can reduce puffiness, that is to say, if your eyes are puffy from lack of sleep or crying, you can place two small cotton pads with witch hazel to shrink blood vessels. And it can stop an itch with the same method for smoothing itchy skin. On the other side, it can treat acne or oily skin, and cure sore throat and bruise. At the same time, it can clean the skin of bacteria and sooth inflammation.

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