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How to get sunscreen out of my eyes?

I got a little bit sunscreen in my eye? What is the best way to get sunscreen out of your eyes?
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  • Lainey


    Apply some eyedrops and then close your eyes gently, after several minutes, you will feel better. If you still feel an ache in your eyes, you'd better go to hospital to make a thorough cornea checkup and ask doctors to help you wash sunsceen out because sunscreens can do harm to eyes to a certain degree. "Eyes are a window to the heart", take care when you use sunscreens. Best wishes.
  • Miranda hall


    I am sorry to heard that you got a little bit sunscreen in my eyes. I also suffered that ,too. Don't worry, just use some eye drops to flush your eyes. If you can find clean water right now, it will be better to wash your eyes. As long as you flush the sunscreen out of your eyes, it will be recovery for a while. At the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable. But it doesn't matter. It will recover soon.
  • Melissa


    The eyes are the so sensitive skin part. You must be feeling uncomfortable when the sunscreen comes into your eyes. You'd better use the clean water to wash it out. Then use the cold cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom. Then you will observe whether it is ok.

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