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Why do my eyes water when its windy?

Why does water come out of my eye its windy? How to stop it? Any idea?
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  • cthier


    When there is wind, our eyes will find it hard to open. And there may come into the sands or dusts in our eyes. Your eyes may get inflammation. You'd better go to see the doctor and ask whether your eyes get the problems. Hope you are OK on both eyes.
  • Ana clive


    In your case, the water come out of your eyes when you face wind, it's quite possible that you get dacryocystitis. To stop it, first drop some eyedrops and flush lacrimal duct. Second, you should use your own face palmer and it must be under boiled water for disinfection two or three times. Last, if this does not help you'd better go to see the doctor.

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