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Nicholas carter


Does breastfeeding affect eyesight?

Is it true that breastfeeding can affect eyesight? Any idea?
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  • Benjamin gary


    It is common for women who pregnant that changes their vision. But i am not sure if breastfeeding affect eyesight. And i just search online and it says that most of women may changes in acuity for about 4-6 months after childbirth. If you are not in the situation, you'd better to see a doctor and check your eyes. Best wishes.
  • Nancy


    Yeah, during the breastfeeding time, your eye pressure is not as stable as those common ladies. The eyes may easily get dry. Thus, it is true that the breastfeeding can affect the eyesight. You may eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. And the fish is such a good food for you to eat during this time.
  • Shavonda D


    I hear that breastfeeding will affect baby's face shape and face muscle. It is really a wonderful exercise for the baby, he/she will try the best to get the full nutrients from the mother. And the breast milk is the best food for the new born baby. The nutrients of breast milk is the best proportioning to the baby. The eyes development will call for vitamin A and B as well as carotene. So I think the breastfeeding really will affect eyesight of baby but in a indirect way. You know artificial productive milk powder will never as good as the natural mother's love to the dear baby.
  • betty


    Well, it seems that you are a new mother. So, it is wise for you to consult before making decisions. Generally speaking, there is no direct relationship between breastfeeding and eyesight, since breastfeeding basically does no harm to your body. On the contrary, you should keep an eye on what you eat during your breastfeeding period because what you take in will slightly affect your baby's health.

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