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Who should wear reading glasses?

I see there are so many online shop that sell reading glasses. So, I just want to know who should wear reading glasses?
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  • Kaylee tuener


    reading glasses designed uniquely for the group of people who have trouble in focusing on nearby objects, say, reading newspapers or surfing the Internet. And most wearers of reading glasses are thought of as the aged people that are prone to get far-sightedness which requires correcting and prescription reading glasses. Sometimes young people may suffer from far-sightedness as well and have to wear reading glasses. To put it specifically, wearers of reading glasses are those who get headaches and sore eyes after reading for a few minutes, those who have to squint while trying to read newspapers and watching what's going on the television set, those who hold books at arms length to read and those who have reached their 40th birthday.
  • Dawn C.


    reading glasses are quite necessary for people who have hyperopia, or far-sightedness. It can help people who have problems seeing close objects clearly. It also help people be able to read, without the assistance of magnifying lenses such as those found in reading glasses. Almost all the aged people need reading glasses, and some young people use reading glasses as well.
  • Luis lewis


    For the people who get presbyopia, suffer age related vision problem and need to wear reading glasses. For those people they can not see clearly when they read papers (mostly they are elder person), then they need wear reading glasses to help them see clearly. But they do not need wear it all the time, it's only needed for they are reading something.