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Alexia gerard


Why do my eyes burn when i watch tv?

When i watch TV, my eyes feel burning. Why? Is that a sign i got eye diseases?
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  • Melissa duncan


    Sitting too close to the television or computer may not cause eye damage, but it will cause your eyestrain if you take a long time on the television, the computer screen or other activities. The common symptoms of your eyestrain may be as follows: you may feel uncomfortable, presence of foreign object in your eyes, redness, excessive tearing will be happen. However, there are a lot of ways to relieve your eyes. Make sure your eye breaks. You did not need watching too much TV at one time. Dink a lot of water and eat Vitamin A, C and E rich foods are also necessary.
  • Jeff


    You say your eyes feel burning when you are watching TV. That may be an symptom of dry eye. Dry eye is an eye disease which cause insufficient tears in the eye to lubricate and nourish the eye. And when you concentrate on the television set, the subconscious blink reflex is not as strong as blinking refreshes. In this way, your cornea will dry gradually, resulting in burning and sore eyes. Do not feel too worried and try to blink more, use some kind of eye drop and if necessary, get treated at the optician.
  • Andrea warren


    You may suffer from eye infection, or just simply suffer from tiredness. Eyes get burning when people are tired, lack of water, or get infected and inflammation. You need to check out what makes your eye burning on your own situation. Stop watch TV immediately, massage your eyes for a while, drop some artificial tears. If the burning disappears, you may just tired. Otherwise, you may need more treatment, because you probably get infected or inflammation.

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