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How to get rid of cyst in eye?

I feel so bad to suffer cyst in my eyes. Do you have any idea to treat it? Please help.
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  • walkidiot


    Do not feel so bad about suffering cyst in your eyes because you can deal with it on your own. Do remember that good personal hygiene is required and do not rub your eyes, otherwise the spreading of the bacteria will continue. Once you have suffered cyst in the eye, stop use any kind of eye cosmetics in order to prevent the eye from infected and irritated. Try to wash your eyes frequently with clean water. And medical treatment from the eye doctor is strongly recommended if the problem gets out of control and worse. Take medicines and follow what the doctor say until the cyst goes away.
  • Alexa


    Eye cyst is also known as inflamed lump. For the treatment of eye cyst, you can just ignore the eye cyst because it will disappear on its own for about 30 days. While, you can also choose to apply a warm compress to the cyst for several times a day until it finally disappears.
  • Caitlin owen


    As we all know, the eyelid glands will secrete a kind of fluid that will lubricates our eyes. However, when one of the glands becomes inflamed, the small fluid-filled bump, called the cyst or the chalazion, can form on the upper or lower side of the eyes. Of course, you have to take some method to get rid of it. That is to say, pls get a cup of warm water and dip the cotton balls or bars and then put the balls/bars on the infected area, pls note just keep this action until the water is not warm, if the cyst is serious, you should repeat it again and agin. Besides, you can also consult your doctor, and he will prescribe an antibiotic. Nevertheless, a cyst will enlarge and will make the eye pressure higher, which will hurt your vision, and the pills given to you can work with the problem.

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