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Kevin lee


Is breast milk good for sore eyes?

Can i use breast milk to help my sore eyes? Does it work? How?
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  • Jacob adams


    Even though breast milk is full of nutrition, but there's no science report support the theory that you conceived. And milk can help people get rid if sore eyes for sure. However, there are many difference between milk and breast milk. The milk we always drink has already get sterilized, breast milk doesn't get sterilized. It contains lots of bacterium, which may make our eyes get infection. You'd better use artificial tears to relieve your eyes, then take a break, massage your eyes immediately.
  • creationfest


    As we all know that breast milk can help infants improve their immunity. And it's also been found that breast milk can help heal minor illnesses and injuries, such as pink eyes and sore nipples. And some people found that breast milk also have an effective cure for sore eyes.
  • Gabriella


    Yes, you can and it really works great. Since breast milk is sterile and fresh breast milk contains anti bacterial qualities, which can be very helpful for curing your eye infections, as well as your sore eyes just like the virgin coconut oil. And there is almost no side effect. You can just put a few drops of breast milk into your sore eyes. What's more, it can cure throats and mouth sores too. Have a try and good luck!