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James green


Can allergies cause a blocked tear duct?

Can serious eye allergies lead blocked tear duct? If it is possible, how to prevent it?
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  • handsomestudgw


    Yes, serious eye allergies can actually lead to blocked tear duct in fact. As we know, the tear ducts sit near corner of the eyelids which is close to the part of nose. Sometimes the duct may have the blockage which will cause a person to have excessive tearing and swelling. We can say that blocked tear duct, is a result of an improperly formed tear duct that obstructs the tear drainage system. For the causes, allergies and inflammation of your eyes tear drainage system can cause your tear ducts to become blocked. There are home remedies for you to cure it. You could keep on doing the massage gently on the nasal corner of the eye a few times every day. It may help break up the blockage. In addition, a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables will also be helped.
  • etje


    Yes, serious eye allergies would definitely lead blocked tear duct. Get in touch with allergens would cause allergic reaction. You might get red and watery eyes. The eyelids might be swollen and the allergic reaction gives you grittiness. It would cause inflammation in eyes. Eye allergy is one kind of conjunctivitis, while conjunctivitis is a possible cause of blocked tear duct. And allergies usually lead to nasal problems, which is a very possible cause of tear duct blockage. To avoid it, you should treat your eye allergy immediately. Wash your eyes with water at once to flush out the possible allergens in eyes. Have fresh air with an air purifier and meanwhile add a humidifier to reduce the irritation from dry air. Normally allergic reaction would go away very soon if you are kept out of allergen. If your symptoms are still getting worse, then you need to see a doctor. If long term of inflammation caused the tear duct clogged already, you could tenderly massage your eyes corners near to nose to help break the blockage. Normally it takes about 15days to get completely cured.
  • Celina


    Allergic conditions are more irritating than dangerous, even can let people loss life in a short time. Allergic company fever and sensitive, that is, allergic is easy to get infection. If you suffer eye allergies, you must be allergic to dust, cat and ointments. However, it is rarely to lead to blocked tear duct. Blocked tear duct is duct bottom partial or complete blockage by congenital epithelial which is still not broken after four weeks at birth. Don’t worry about it because 95% babies will be fine in 6 months. Blocked tear duct will disappear by itself.