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Randa Fritch


Who should wear safety glasses?

My friend said that safety glasses can protect the eyes. If so, who shall wear safety glasses? And how can the glasses protect them?
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  • Gabriella


    It depends, some people have to wear safety glasses because of the dangerous work they do. If you and it is important to use properly certified safety glasses when you engage in activities that could result in an eye injury. There are lots of types of safety glasses, such as safety glasses designed to protect against chemicals or other hazardous materials traditionally come in two types: unvented and indirectly vented.
  • b1ggy_13


    Yes, it is true that safety glasses can protect the eyes. The safety glasses can be used for your eyes that the working condition is dangerous or there are many flying debris around you. Employees who wear safety glasses for their work need eye protection. The people who work in construction installing side on houses need wear safety glasses. Parachuter also need wear safety glasses.
  • Jordan owen


    Safety glasses are those kinds of goggles that can offer extra protection to the eye and prevent the eye from harm from the outside world. Ordinary people shall wear safety glasses in the open air while they are doing activities and enjoying themselves. It is widely accepted that safety glasses can help prevent dust and dirt in the sir from getting into our sensitive eyes. And some safety glasses can even shelter the eye from the harm of ultraviolet rays and wind outside. Moreover, some jobs in the house also require people to wear safety glasses. Scientists and researchers in the lab, directional workers and other related workers exposed to latent eye injuries are all suggested to have safety glasses on. Safety glasses can stop our delicate and sensitive eyes from lots of harms and irritation.
  • Collette Zink


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