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Ethan walker


Is red light bad for your eyes?

Can red light damage the eyes? What's the effects on eyes because of red light?
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  • J Bell


    Actually, the red light can not hurt your eyes only if you do not stare the light for a couple of hours. Now, many companies have started marketing LED lamps that can be switched to a red mode, it is said that the red light is less harmful to one's night vision, because our eyes are less sensitive to the red light. When you are in the street, the traffic light is also red. So, please don't worry too much. However, you are best to avoid any kind of direct intense light to the eyes.
  • Kelly gary


    It is abnormal for your eyes get sensitive to light. It is in all probability a sign of eye disease. Many a eye disease can result in light sensitivity. Common eye diseases that cause light sensitivity include acute glaucoma, albinism, a herpes infection of the eyes, cataracts, corneal injuries and so on. But on some occasion your eyes may be sensitive to light just as a result of migraines and some other headache problems. Don't worry about it too much. Go to see a eye doctor to find the underlying cause and get it treated. Good luck.
  • Saarah


    It's hard to say, we can see red light at every corner in our life, and it's not been found that it's bad for our health. While, it's also found that working under the red light is bad for the eyes, and staring at the red light can cause eye damage. So, avoiding reading under the red light and staring at it can help you protect your eyes.