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Matthew harris


Are staring contests bad for our eyes?

I'm curious if staring contests are bad for our eye health. Can staring contests damage our vision or cause some eye problems?
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  • ctakah4ik


    It is OK if you stare at contest from time to time. But if you always focus on contests, it will cause your eyes continued strain, thus develop some vision problems such as short-sightedness, dry eyes etc. So, for the sake of your eye healthy, take care of yourself and give your eyes a regular rest. Best wishes.
  • walkingthepaths


    Yes, staring contests can be harm to your eyes. First, you should know that it can lead to eye strain by doing this contest in a long time. In other words, your eyes will be forced to work harder than they need to, therefore, straining them and that lead to eye strain. Finally, it can cause your eyes to develop problems such as short-sightedness. In some cases, it will make your eyes become dry. So you are not supposed to do this staring contest. Besides, looking some small print in a long time, or watching TV will also do harm to your eyes, so just be careful about them.
  • Jada shelley


    The staring contests may not be good for the vision. Because when you stare at something with not moving eyeballs, your eyes may easily let the bacterium get into and the eyed may get dry. The coming bacterium will make the eyes get infection. Thus, you'd better not do the staring contests.
  • csky4


    I believe that all of us have played the staring contests. It is really funny but difficult. And I cannot hold on for several seconds due to eye pain and other uncomfortable feelings. In this game, both of you cannot blink and must stare into each other's eyes. Your eyes are forced to open and will feel dry after several seconds, because they are exposed in the air too long. And for further development, that would cause eyestrain or other serious situation, like blurred vision. So, you had better to close eyes when you cannot.
  • walkthru


    It depends on the time you spend staring contest. If you stare contest for a very long time and don't have a break, it will make your eyes exhausted. Moreover, it may decline your eyesight. But if you stare contest for one or two hours and then do eye exercises or close your eyes for one or two minutes, it won't harm your eyes at all. So don't use your eyes staring contests for too long. If you have to, you can eat fruit, such as orange, apricot, tomato and something full of vitamin C or vitamin A as vitamin A and vitamin C are good for our eyes.