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What is the best color of glasses for blonde hair?

i am looking for really nice eyeglasses and I have blonde hair. What color of glasses will suit me most? Any deal?
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  • creationfest


    To flatter you, you shall buy some dark colored eyeglasses frames to match for your blond hair. Personally, black framed eyeglasses frames, brown eyeglasses frames or dark purple eyeglasses frames are good choices for you. If you also have a oval small faces, a pair of black cat eye style eyeglasses will make you perfect.
  • Kevin


    It is true that choosing the suitable glasses can flatter your hair color. As for you, dark colored eyewear will be good choices. For example, dark rimmed glasses such as black geek glasses can lighten blonde hair. In addition, big geek glasses are new fashion accessory that many fashionistas wear to compliment their look.