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Paul Hathone


Why do my eyes burn after taking a shower?

Last night, after shower, my eyes feel burn. How did this happen? Could it be the soap (which brand i change frequently) or the water? Help!
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  • cauliflowerbat


    Your burning eyes after taking a shower may be due to an allergic reaction. Don't be panic, you can use a few antichloristic eye drops, if the situation is severe, I would like to suggest to the hospital to check. Please tightly close your eyes for avoiding water or shampoo shower gel into the eye next time. At the same time you can use some allergy eye drops.
  • Kevin percy


    Well, as a matter of fact, such situation happens regularly. Anyway, you should know that sometimes burning eyes is a sign of our health problems, and if the situation remains bad even if you change all the external reasons, then the problem might be resulted from your health. Perhaps you have just been too tired and your diet is not healthy? Or perhaps you have overused your eyes? Just head for the hospital if necessary.