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Does smoking weed cause pink eye?

I smoke a lot everyday. Just wondering is it possible that smoking weed can cause pink eyes?
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  • cristoph


    Well, of course smoking weed can cause red eyes, but not pink eyes. As we know that smoking does harm to your health, not only the eyes, but also the body organs. Anyway, in my opinion, you should give up smoking. If you smoke, it can produce cyanide which is a retinal toxin. And according to some researches, Smokers may develop toxic amblyopic problem. Then it can lead to some eye diseases, such as lazy eyes and yellow eyes, even the pink eyes. For long term effects, it can lead to hearing loss and degrade the night vision. So it can be kind of dangerous.
  • wesley


    Yes, of course, I must tell you the consequences resulted from smoking too much weed. By smoking weed, you are far more likely to get infected, since there are a lot of bacteria in the weed. And your eyes are also inclined to be infected since every part of your body is interconnected. So, red eyes is an usual symptom of smoking weed. My advice for you is to find an alternative to replace weed.
  • coldnd


    No. Smoking weed won't cause pink eyes. If you smoking too much, you may feel eyes burning, or other eye disorder, but it doesn't cause pink eyes. Pink eyes is caused by eye infection or inflammation because of some bacterium. And pink eyes are contagious. What's more, pink eyes usually appear red and sometimes watering. Nevertheless, smoke weed is not good for eyes. You should reduce smokes here.
  • Theresa M


    The possibility of getting the pink eyes from smoking is little. The commonly known pink eye is infectious conjunctivitis, also called outbreak. It is an acute infectious ophthalmia according to different causes which can be divided into bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. It may can happen all the year round, especially in spring and summer seasons where the bacterium is much. It can be contagious through the touch with one thing, like the towel. However, smoking a lot may affect the vision because of the stimulation from the irritating materials in the tobacoo. Thus, you'd better not smoke.

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